Welcome + About

HELLO! Thank you for stopping by our little stitchy wonderland. We'd love to tell you a little about ourselves! 

Hello Bargello is brought to you by the makers of Brooklyn Craft Company, a fiber crafts store located in Brooklyn, NYC. We've been in business for five years, teaching New Yorkers to sew, knit, weave, embroider, and so much more. We specialize in a curated selection of modern fiber craft goods, including fabric, yarn, needle work supplies, weaving and macrame.

But bargello... we REALLY love bargello.

Why are we so obsessed? Several years ago our co-owner, Brett Bara, discovered some vintage bargello pattern books at The Strand, a legendary used book store in Manhattan. She started making projects from those vintage patterns, fell in love with the craft, and started to look for modern bargello patterns and found... literally nothing! There are literally NO modern resources for bargello! What the heck?! It's like the craft that got lost in time.

Meanwhile, Brett has been teaching bargello classes in our shop for years now, and students love it. We've started sharing lots of bargello images on our @brooklyncraftcompany Instagram feed, and the likes are off the charts! We've found that today's makers are really enchanted with bargello and want to learn more about it. "Where can we find bargello patterns?" they ask. Nowhere, we say! "Where can we buy bargello supplies?" they ask? It's complicated, we say.
So... we're here to bring bargello back! HELLO BARGELLO is a new brand dedicated to reviving this vintage craft in a modern way. For our launch, we're debuting with a collection of 8 bargello kits that we hope will showcase what bargello can do, and inspire you to give it a try!

Coming (very) soon, we'll also feature a complete encyclopedia of bargello how-to's, which will teach you everything you need to know about supplies, bargello techniques, understanding patterns, fixing mistakes, and more! Bargello is actually very easy to do so it's going to be a pretty small encyclopedia (haha), but we'll teach you everything you need to get started and keep stitching with success!

We're also working on creating a library of digital bargello patterns based on vintage stitch patterns, with the goal of saving those patterns from obscurity and making them accessible to a new generation of modern needlecrafters. 

We are SO excited about (re)sharing bargello with the world, and we really hope you'll give it a try! It's crazy easy to learn, fast to do, and super relaxing. Most people who try it find it so addictive and satisfying, not to mention visually gorgeous. 

So let's do this! Who's coming to the bargello party?!