Oh hey! I'm Brett Bara the creator of Hello Bargello. Thanks for stopping by! I'm on a mission to bring back this forgotten vintage craft for modern makers -- because bargello is simply too awesome to be forgotten forever.

So where this whole bargello thing come from? Several years ago I discovered some vintage bargello pattern books at The Strand, a legendary used book store in Manhattan. A fiber crafter through and through, I was intrigued and started making projects from those vintage patterns. I fell in love, started to look for modern bargello patterns and found... literally nothing! There are literally NO modern resources for bargello! No bargello on the internet, no in-print bargello books. What the heck?! It's like the craft that got lost in time.

So, I kept working from those vintage books. The patterns were hard to use and not up to modern instruction standards, but I muddled through, and had fun with it.

Meanwhile, I started teaching bargello classes in the modern craft store I co-own, Brooklyn Craft Company. It seemed like everyone who learned bargello loved it and got instantly hooked. We started sharing bargello images on our social media feeds, and the likes were off the charts! Everyone who learned about it seemed to be really enchanted and wanted more. "Where can we find bargello patterns?" people would ask ask. Well... nowhere, I'd say! "Where can we buy bargello supplies?" they'd ask? It's complicated, I'd say.

And so I saw a need in the modern craft landscape for fresh, approachable bargello designs, patterns that are understandable and easy to use, supplies made easy, and tutorials to help teach this intriguing technique. I also really wanted to rescue the amazing tradition of bargello from out-of-print books by creating updated, digital patterns that would ensure bargello would live on for years to come. (And I wanted to get some bargello on the internet already! I mean, it was 2018! What isn't on the internet by now?!)

And thus HELLO BARGELLO was born! (Cue the confetti!) Hello Bargello is a new brand dedicated to reviving this vintage craft in a modern way. I want to teach you how to bargello, inspire you with killer designs, and make it easy to get all the supplies you need in one place. 

I am SO excited about reintroducing bargello to the world, and I really hope you'll give it a try! It's crazy easy to learn, fast to do, and super relaxing. Most people who try it find it so addictive and satisfying, not to mention visually gorgeous. 

So let's do this! Who's coming to the bargello party?! 

Not sure where to start? Browse our kits -- they contain evereything you need to get started and make an amazing project!