Songbird Pillow

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Stitch a pillow that's sure to become an epic heirloom! Worked in a classic bargello pattern that creates a mesmerizing optional illusion, this technicolor pillow will steal the show in any room.

Available in three stunning color options, this pillow is worked on needlepoint canvas and finished with a sewn-on fabric backing. This in-depth project will provide hours of relaxing craft therapy and a lifetime of "where did you get that amazing pillow?!" compliments!

Not into sewing or don't need a pillow? You can also frame the finished bargello panel and display it as graphic wall art! 

*Please note, this kit will make the bargello FRONT of a pillow only. You'll need to add 1 yard of any fabric of your choice to use for the back of the pillow, plus snaps. Basic machine sewing is recommended to attach the backing and finish the pillow, though it can also be sewn by hand.



Skill level: Intermediate bargello skills + basic machine sewing skills

Finished size: Makes a 16" finished pillow

Materials included with kit:

  • 29 skeins DMC Tapestry Wool (not included with custom kit option)
  • 12-count needlepoint canvas
  • Size 18 tapestry needle - kit comes with one needle, additional needles are available here
  • Premium printed pattern booklet including charts, easy-to-follow instructions, and sewing instructions for finishing the backing
  • Packaged in our size large reusable HELLO BARGELLO zipper project bag!

Also required (not included): 16" pillow form, 1 yard medium-weight fabric for the backing (we use home decor velvet from Joann), 4 snaps. 




    Want to to select your own custom colors for this kit? Awesome! Here's how it works:

    • Add this kit to your cart, selecting the "Custom Color Kit (No Wool Included)" option above.
    • Head on over to the Tapestry Wool section of our online shop and browse for the colors that suit your fancy! Simply select the colors you want and add them to your cart.
    • For this kit, you will need (see "Color Key" photo above):
      • Color A: 5 skeins; this is the outline of the stitch pattern
      • Colors B - D: 4 skeins each; these will be the "outer" colors of the pattern repeat
      • Colors E - F: 3 skeins each; these will be the "middle" colors
      • Colors G - I: 2 skeins each;  these will be the innermost colors of the pattern repeat
      • This will be a total of 29 skeins.
    • Double check your cart to be sure you've added the "choose your own colors" kit and a total of 29 skeins of tapestry wool, then complete checkout. We'll build your custom kit and ship it right out to you! Yay! 
    • Share your project photos on Instagram and tag us @hellobargello because we CANNOT WAIT to see your original creation! 

    This update is for customers with a version of the Songbird pattern purchased before July 2020. This update has already been included all versions of the pattern purchased after July 2020:

    In the Songbird pattern booklet, the instructions state that the finished size of the bargello surface area will be 16” square. In fact, the finished size of the bargello surface area will be approximately 17” tall x 16.5” wide (exact finished measurements may vary depending on your stitch tension). The needlepoint canvas included with the kit is 20” x 20”. Before beginning, fold the canvas in quarters then unfold, to determine the center point of the canvas. Begin stitching Color A at the center of the canvas, working out. This will leave a border of blank canvas around the bargello area on all sides. (Note, the bargello does not need to be exactly centered on the canvas, the goal is just to have at least 1” of blank canvas around the stitched area. This excess canvas will be trimmed later during sewing and finishing.) If you have any questions before beginning please feel free to email for assistance. 

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    Songbird Pillow
    Songbird Pillow
    Songbird Pillow
    Songbird Pillow
    Songbird Pillow
    Songbird Pillow
    Songbird Pillow
    Songbird Pillow
    Songbird Pillow
    Songbird Pillow

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