Jewel Tones 20 Skein Tapestry Wool Bundle

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Jewel Tones 20 Skein Tapestry Wool Bundle
Jewel Tones 20 Skein Tapestry Wool Bundle
Jewel Tones 20 Skein Tapestry Wool Bundle
Jewel Tones 20 Skein Tapestry Wool Bundle
A glorious sampler pack of DMC Tapestry Wool! This bundle includes 20 of our most popular colors of Tapestry Wool in rich jewel tones! 

Use this stunning bundle to have plenty of colors on hand to design your own bargello projects, pick your own colors for our patterns, or just to pet them and bask in their glory! 
Skeins ship in plastic resealable bags. After unpacking, display them on a pegboard rack or in our favorite travel tapestry wool organizer. 



This is it: the only tapestry wool we use for Hello Bargello projects! This listing includes 20 skeins of DMC Tapestry Wool in jewel tone shades. Exact colors included in bundle may vary slightly due to availability. Please, no color substitutions.

Made from 100% virgin wool, DMC Tapestry Wool is a deliciously soft, smooth non-divisible, worsted-weight yarn. It's twist and thickness give it excellent canvas coverage and provide a smooth and even texture, making it our go-to choice for all our bargello projects. 

This product is manufactured in dye lots, meaning there are slight variations in color each time the yarn is produced. For that reason, we strongly suggest buying the full amount you need for your project at once (and maybe even a little extra just in case). 

Content: Each skein measures 8.7 yards/8 meters. 100% pure virgin twilled wool that is both moth-proof and colorfast.

Gauge: Recommended for 10-count plastic canvas or 12-count needlepoint canvas, and size 18 tapestry needles

Care and Washing: Dry clean only. If needed, press with an iron on the lowest heat setting using a clean, dry ironing cloth. Do not bleach or use chlorine.

Color note: Due to the many variations in computer monitors and browsers, color samples may appear sightly different on different monitors.


Helpful Video!
The video below explains more about tapestry wool and why we use it for bargello designs; plus more info about bargello supplies in general! To view more how-to's, check out our complete library of learn to bargello videos here.